(Ana Isabel Hernandéz Vda. de Mijangos)

Originary of Antigua, Beli got into the world of teaching Spanish in the nineties.  She has been working in the teaching field for more than twenty years ago in well known schools.

As an unexpected widow, she realized this kind of work allowed her  to have her children ready for school and to be able to be home by the time they returned from school, but more importantly, she was able to earn an income and support her home.

She obtained the title of Spanish Professor for Foreign Students at Rafael Landivar University.  Since 1991 she has been teaching foreigners from all nationalities and levels:  beginners, intermediates or advanced, each category  divided in: low, middle or high.

As Technical Director at Ixquic she is in charge of the support material used in the classes, selecting our teachers and reviewing the program for the students so it is kept updated with any changes in grammar, spelling  and new words.

In her spare time she enjoys tending to her garden, watching over her pets, cooking, spending time with friends, and family.



(Marybel Mijangos)

With a Business Management degree from Galileo University, she is the youngest one at Ixquic.  She was raised around the Spanish teachers at the school so it is pretty common to hear her being called  “nena” (you’d think she would be annoyed at being called this way, but she isn’t, most of the time anyway). She has had different jobs and most of them have been with foreign bosses.

She is the one in charge of replying to your messages, as soon as she is able to.

In her spare time, she enjoys handcrafts, spending time with friends, family,  and her pets.  You can find her entertained with tv shows, movies, yoga, combat and overall having a fun social life.