Corpus Christi (feast)

The Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin for Body of Christ), also known as Corpus Domini, is a Latin Rite liturgical selemnity clebrating the tradition of belief in the body and blodd of Jesus Christi and his Real Presence in Eucharist.  (Wikipedia) La Antigua Guatemala is a place that keep alive a lot of traditions, most of them are Catholic.  Yesterday was celebrated Corpus Christi and we want to share a video of it.  This day specially reminds me when mom used to dress me as “angel”, I guess that until I turned five.  Also remind me grandma cooking Pepian at the kitchen, and everyone running at home for hang the […]

Being Bilingual

Words are sharp weapons.  They speak  with their letters, but especially, with the use we give them: the way we pronounce them, the gestures that go with them, the context, the objective. They are pure emotion and therefore can sometimes play us a trick. How can we be more cerebral when talking? Easy: you have to learn another language. It is said that being at least bilingual, can “save your life”. A research conducted by the University of Chicago, USA, published in the Psychological Science journal, found out that people who speak a second language make better decisions.  It turns out that  when addressing a situation with a foreign language […]

Guatemala among the 10 happiest countries in the world

Study was revealed by The New Econimics Foundation (NEF) Web writing Photo: File elPeriódico After being released the third edition of the Happy Planet Index conducted by The New Economics Foundation (NEF), Guatemala was ranked among the top ten happiest countries in the world, a ranking which classifies every two years the level of happiness in the countries. Costa Rica ranked first for the second consecutive time in the global list, followed by Vietnam and Colombia, surpassing happiness to the United States, China and Spain. El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Guatemala, among the top ten of the 151 countries analyzed. Meanwhile, Argentina is ranked No. 17, Chile is 19, […]

First-ever female Vice President for Guatemala

Posted by HarrietteRWI on January 9th, 2012 January 14th will see a landmark occasion in Guatemalan politics take place. Roxana Baldetti is the woman setting tongues wagging as she is due to be sworn in to start her term as Vice President of Guatemala this weekend – a post previously only occupied by men. One report I found stated that of the 158 seats in the single-chamber Congress, only seven are women. Four of these seven are indigenous women. Given that 40% of the country’s population is classed as indigenous, it is evident that there is still a long way to go to attain a fair representation. However, this month may […]

World’s top destinations for 2012

By A. Pawlowski, CNN December 27, 2011 — Updated 1241 GMT (2041 HKT) (CNN) — Globe-trotters everywhere, it’s time to raise your champagne glass and toast to all the wonderful new journeys you’ll take in the new year. But where exactly should you go in 2012? As always, some places will stand out above the rest when it comes to unforgettable things to do and see. To help you decide, we sought out recommendations from four travel experts: Robert Reid, U.S. travel editor for Lonely Planet; Martin Rapp, senior vice president of leisure sales at Altour; Anne Banas, executive editor at SmarterTravel; and Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor for We […]

World Barista Championship, 2012

by AARON FREY on Jun 15, 2012 • 10:10 am Over the last few days the world’s best baristas have been battling it out over in Vienna for the 2012 World Barista Championship. I’ve been too busy to watch it live given that I’m traveling at the moment, but it’s always worth watching these presentations to see what the state of the art is in coffee brewing. These contests help create standards, reference points, and sometimes push the envelope in coffee preparation. To be in the final six is a great achievement, but there can be only one winner and this year it is Raul Rodas from Guatemala. This is […]

The Role of Women in Guatemala

By Sara Federman The role of women in Guatemala has been changing due to the harsh reality of families being destroyed and disintegrated. Refugees, rural women, and especially indigenous women have been devastatingly affected and are forced to work regardless of horrible conditions, miserable wages and exploitation. Additional challenges women face in Guatemala are the instability of the economy and the invisibility of their economic contributions. Yet despite these obstacles, women-organized movements are struggling to make changes. Many of the workers in maquilas, or modern day sweatshops, are young, teenage, single mothers or widows. These women work six days a week, ten hours a day in conditions lacking ventilation or […]