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Guatemala (náhuatl: Quauhtlemallan, ‘place where are a lot of trees’) oficially, República de Guatemala. The extraordinary beauty of the Guatemalan territory and the warm spirit of its people make Guatemala a unique destination in the world – a perfect balance of beauty and soul. Guatemala is a country that opens its doors to visitors to […]

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During the week at Ixquic Spanish School there are activities that probably have cost and require a minimum of students. These activities include sporting activities like playing football or basketball, bicycle or motorbike riding to small villages near Antigua Guatemala, horseback riding or taking classes of Salsa, Merengue or Bachata. Excursions plan by our Spanish […]

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Here you will find all about Ixquic Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala

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One-on-One method

Spanish Courses

In Ixquic Spanish School we adjust to the necessities of each student and know that every student prefer a different way to learn.  For that reason we developed programs that adjust for every student.   Some students just want the elementary level of Spanish in a short term, reason why Ixquic Spanish School likes to […]

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About Us

  Ixquic Spanish School is a project in the city of Antigua Guatemala dedicated to providing the highest quality education to its students. The name Ixquic is taken from the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Quiche Mayas. Ixquic was the daughter of one of the lords of Xibalba, Kuchumakik, who was part of […]

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