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Teachers Ixquic Spanish School

Teachers Ixquic Spanish School


Ixquic Spanish School is a project in the city of Antigua Guatemala dedicated to providing the highest quality education to its students. The name Ixquic is taken from the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Quiche Mayas. Ixquic was the daughter of one of the lords of Xibalba, Kuchumakik, who was part of Maya history.

landscape Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala landscape

With Ixquic starts the third cycle of the Popol Vuh, the cycle of female culture. It is fitting that females play a major role in Ixquic Spanish School and their wide experience and total commitment to teaching Spanish ensures that your learning experience is life changing.

The Spanish you will learn will be of great help in your travels to Spanish speaking countries and will also provide advantages in your professional and personal life as Spanish becomes more widely spoken.

While studying at Ixquic Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala you have the opportunity to develop your knowledge of Spanish in an environment that will enable full immersion allowing you to expand your knowledge in the language and enjoy a variety of cultural and tourist attractions.

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Most of our teachers helped to develop the good reputation of the famous Spanish Schools in Antigua Guatemala, unfortunately when all the female teachers became older or began to fight for their rights at those schools they were dismissed. At that point, these teachers decided to start a new project with a united vision: Women helping women through education. That is one of our main objectives and a big part of mission.

Teachers Ixquic Spanish School

Teachers Ixquic Spanish School

The teachers of our Spanish School became teachers for random reasons in their lives, such as becoming widows, or they were single mothers, real women who had to maintain their homes and their families.  The good thing is that they realized a career teaching, and they loved to teach and continued their education at universities in order to provide the best quality in education. Teachers

At Ixquic Spanish School we do not discriminate by age, contrary to that, we view advanced years as a sign of experience and knowledge that our teachers can impart to our students and help them facilitate the understanding in learning the language.

To be the best Spanish School in Central America

We will satisfy the expectations of our students by employing competent, experienced professionals and utilising proven teaching methods.

Why Ixquic?

At Ixquic Spanish School you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish at your own pace in one of the most historic and beautiful places in Central America, La Antigua Guatemala.


Students from Ixquic

Everyone agrees that the best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself in that language’s culture and the curses at Ixquic Spanish School are designed so that you spend much of your time interacting with the warm and friendly people of Antigua Guatemala rather than sitting in a classroom. This will allow you to learn all about the fascinating history and rich culture of Antigua Guatemala and the special villages that surround it.

World Heritage Site listed Antigua Guatemala is a town of bougainvillea lined, cobblestone streets huddled by three volcanoes. It has an abundaHallwaynce of beautiful old colonial churches, a wonderful vibrant market and the incredibly kind and friendly people will make you feel at home. In fact Antigua Guatemala was the winner of the Wanderlust travel awards City of 2009.

Reasons to choose Ixquic Spanish School:

  • Transport service from the international airport at Guatemala City (La Aurora) to La Antigua Guatemala.
  • Lodging at student residences or with selected host families.
  • Personalized and professional Spanish language tuition.

    Nice atmosphere

    Nice atmosphere

  • Recreational and traveling opportunities.
  • Voluntary work in projects empowering the poorest people of Guatemala.
  • Wi-Fi at working hours.
  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • We specialize in teaching people with learning difficulties.
  • We welcome people of Hispanic descent who wish to practice and learn Spanish Language.
  • We provide informal education for those preferring a relaxed method of learning.

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My name is Marybel Mijangos, I have been born, raised and actually living in "La Ciudad de Antigua Guatemala". I got my university degree in Business Management on 2007 from the Universidad Galileo. At this moment I’m working as Manager at Spanish School Ixquic, which is a personal-familiar project that whe started working with my mom on 2010. Actually it is the first time that we have to opportunity to work with my mom and we realized that an Spanish School was a good idead, I'm very proud of my town, which a lot of people hate that I call town. But if we compare with (I just know two big cities in the States) we are a town. Which for me is better, because our people for being towners tend to be more humble, happy and simple, that makes them to life always smiling. I'm looking forward to meet people that want or need to learn Spanish. La Antigua Guatemala is one of the famous places to learn spanish with the method One-to-One, and the Spanish you learn here is well recognise in all Spanish countries because we do not have accents. I'm very proud of my town, which a lot of people hate that I call town. But if we compare with (I just know two big cities in the States) we are a town. Which for me is better, because our people for being towners tend to be more humble, happy and simple, that makes them to life always smiling. Come and meet La Antigua Guatemala #lag, you will not regret about it. You will noticed it is a favourite destination for vacation, because you can't find a place without a tourist. I'm not saying it is bad, I'm just talking about the fact that there is a great reason why tourist are all around. 

 Get in touch with me for personalised Spanish classes. All our teachers have more than twenty two years in the field of the education of Spanish as a second language. They are very very very patient and they are great ladies that work for help their homes too. They have the knowledge, experience and passion for teaching Spanish, I admire all of them cause they will make you talk.
 Write me!! I would love help you in planning your “leanrning trip” xx :D
  • Michael Harper

    I’ve had many study abroad experiences, but I had the best experience at Ixquic in 2010. The one on one instruction was tailored to my specific needs as a student. I HIGHLY recommend Ixquic!